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Sony Vaio Digital Marketing

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Sony VAIO Case Question Solutions

  1. What is the global image of Sony VAIO? Do Chinese have additional perceptions of Sony and VAIO?

Before the Sony VAIO introduction, Sony originally began as Telecom Engineering Corporation playing a major role in various markets involved in multiple electronics but were facing the STP (segmentation, targeting and positioning) problem. Sony VAIO was seen as the young and trendy (improved) series of computers because of its features and designs. This was Sony VAIO gave the masses a mind to belong in the six segments of the market and style because of its exceptional attributes. An example of this was the VAIO 505. Soon the VAIO 505 was invented, a rich purple hue, which was positioned as a statement computer with multimedia software but seen as sleek and the most iconic compared to other brands. So Sony VAIO’s achieved an amazing goodwill globally. The Chinese consumers saw Sony and VAIO both as a creative and unique laptop computer producing technology and multimedia software with premium offering to the market at cheap prices using the Average Selling Price (ASP), identifying most of the Chinese customers as a multimedia person, a tech or a cool person. It was also seen a computer and software that can be duplicated making pirated copycats and counterfeits but nevertheless successful imitating its branding and aesthetics.

  1. How should Lopez interpret & compare the different studies? Compare the consumer interview results with CLUES report data. Why is there so much redundancy between the two studies? How are the 4 key customers goal identified in the interviews related to the CLUES segments?

The studies interprets the data of what exactly the customers’ needs and how it would benefit the Chinese. Lopez should interpret the studies by referring the data to the aims and goals of the company. The main goal is to target various markets and own the largest portion of it growing rapidly year in, year out, thereby creating a marketing strategy. He can compare the studies by using the best data gotten from the best study and construct a marketing and segmentation plan to focus on the right segments of the market.

The comparison between results gotten from the consumer interview and the data from the CLUES report shows the analysis of users and consumers in China into segments. This resulted into the six statistical analysis which are the entertainment lovers, business focused, family user, tech enthusiast, fashion oriented and heavy users. There is a redundant relationship between the CLUES report data and the interview results because the questions asked was based on the results or data collected from the interviews.

The four key customers goal are identified in the interview by the approach of segmenting the three themes related to the laptop purchases made by these customers. These themes involves asking the brand being an extension of who they are which is to say producing trendy laptops to give them status and identity, using the product as an adviser to connect with others and families and giving them what will exactly satisfy them.

  1. Which segment(s) should Lopez target? If Lopez’s main goal is to steal share from other brands, which study will provide the most useful foundation for his marketing strategy?

Lopez should target the fashion oriented consumers, tech enthusiast and the family users with unfussy basics. Lopez’s main goal is to own a large portion of the market share locally and globally, so the most useful foundation for his marketing strategy should be the project compass. This segments participants from the CLUES report.



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