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How Does Tripit Create Value for the Customer?

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How does TripIt create value for the customer?

• Makes everything accessible in a more efficient and convenient manner

• Provide ratings, customer feedback, sharing capabilities and the add-oons

Complete a SWOT:


• Experienced leadership team

• Talented team of software developers that know how to build a business

• People are increasingly reliant on digital transactions in travel planning, especially email

• Customized to each customer (mobile or email based)

• The software collects and stores travel information rather than multiple email confirmations

• Online travel service one of the fastest growing online categories

• Itinerator  is innovative software that reliably and accurately reads, decodes and then recodes the information contained in a traveller’s email confirmations from suppliers and intermediaries

o Allows for growth in the way it has been constructed

• Growing popularity of social media

• Strategic partnerships with major corporations in the travel industry

o Integrate travel guides and directions etc


• Low focus on marketing development (mostly due to limited resources)

• Low revenue, limited resources which make the company constantly evaluating and prioritizing its investments

• Non-integration of already available travellers itineraries ratings and recommendations from other industry players

• Not profitable

• Difficulty obtaining financing, lack of resources for generating revenue

• Should focus on obtaining and retaining customers

• No major VA for suppliers, who are losing all revenue generating opportunities


• Target new range of customers (personal leisure customers)

• Improve the technology so that possible future partners can tie in and create value-added applications

• Reinforce its social media presence and social media features could help Tripit lean toward a tipping point

• Implementation of subscription fees for premium members could increase the company’s bottom line

• Expand to other market segments


• Competitor (Rearden Commerce) and potential copycats, no patent

• Could easily be substituted by traditional travel agents

• Impatient investors that want the company to demonstrate the capacity to generate revenues

• Supplier can turn into competitor

What are the pros and cons in regards to investing in TripIt?

Why to invest:

In regards to social media being one of the front runners for communication, the timing couldn’t be better. The growing popularity of social media can easily aid


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