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Marketing Elements and Customer Anaysis Report

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Essay Preview: Marketing Elements and Customer Anaysis Report

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This Marketing Elements and Customer Anaysis report is based on Splenda no calorie sweetner 100 packets.

Target Customer

Splenda's target customer is a person that is looking for a better healthy lifestyle without making dramatic changes to their current lifestyle. They do not have time or the desire to follow a strict diet, and they do not want to trade taste for a healthy alternative. The target customer may also be a diabetics, whom are always looking for alterntives to sugar. This target customer ranges in ages 25 to 45 and ages 46 to 66. The gender of the target customer is female, because females are the ones that are mostly on diets, as well as the food preparer of the household for the family. The target customer has a minium highschool degree and is a college graduate. Their income ranges from 30k to 60k.

Product and Branding

Splenda no calorie sweetner is the number one artificial sweetner in the world that provides the same sweetness taste as real sugar. One packet of splenda no calorie sweetner provides 5 calories per serving and has 678 fewer calories then a cup of sugar,. Splenda no calorie sweetner comes individually packaged in a small convient yellow packet making it easy to distriguished because of its bright yellow color. And because the packets are so conviently small, it makes it easy to travel with and use anywhere sugar can be used, like beverages, cereal, fruit, etc.


Splenda no calorie sweetner ranges in price from $3.20 to $5.49 for a box of 100 packets depending on the state, and area where food and goecries are sold. Splenda's affodable price makes it the number one choice amongst its competitors like "Sweet N Low" which ranges in price from $6.89 to $7.99, and "Equal" which ranges in price from $3.19 to $6.99.


Promotional tools that will be used to create a buzz about splenda no calore sweetner will be print adversting, and public relations. Examples of print advertising will be in publications like Womens Health, Shape, Self, Natural health, Fitness, Family, and Diabetic living magazine. Eaxmples of Public relations will be to setup booths in major city areas to get the public excited about Splenda, which include taste testing and surveys forms.


Splenda no calories sweetner will be sold through out the world where ever food is sold.


The awareness of the product is conveying resonant messages that differentiate the

product from sugar in terms of health, while capitalizing on sugar's equity of taste. Consumers



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