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Human Resource Managemnet

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Term Report Proposal

Statement Topic: 

Studying and researching on a companys fluctuation in labour demand and supply in human resource planning and then working out its subsequent solutions.

Scope of the project: 

This project will be conducted as a case study analyzing the fluctuation and the action the companies take to balance their labour demand and supply. This factor is the main constituent of the Human Resource planning sector. Labour demand and supply can be assessed all types of organizations but we have limited our scope to the service industry as their work force is one of their power factors where the most diligence is required. Tentative organizations for selection to be the basis of our case-study will me amongst the following: GulAhmed, Samaa FM radio, Ramada Hotel or Nandos.

Main Constituents and Deliverables:

Companies use strategic human resource planning to forecast current and future staffing needs using a variety of techniques, but their end goal is to limit exposure to surpluses or shortages in labor. We will study these factors under a microscope in the service industry and analyze their trend, find out problems and then work out solution. Our objective will be to provide them with counter offers to minimize their problems of surpluses and shortages in labour. There are other key constituents which we will also look into like how the companies anticipate the movement of people into, within and out of an organization, approximate the level of future demand for the services provided by them and also the implementation processes and activities that promote employee competencies within the framework provided by supply and demand estimates. Scrutinization and interpretation of such trends will lead us to our main objective.


The data gathered will be first from secondary data which will include gathering information from internet, books and already done researches on how companies in the service sector usually work with their labour demand and supply. Having priorly done research we will collect the primary data for which we will conduct interviews, surveys and questionnaires inside of the company and to their target recruits. The data collected will be both qualitative and quantitative.

Group Members:

Komal Shabbir (09939)

Salahuddin Tariq (11378)

Ali Shoaib Motiwala (11332)

Afifa Tariq (09954)

Syed Arfeen Ausaf (08658)


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