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Human Resources - Screen Fix Manufacturing Company

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Essay Preview: Human Resources - Screen Fix Manufacturing Company

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Screen fix is a small to medium size U.K

manufacturer that has been encountering a number of problems that have slowed

down its production levels however with the correct application of methods and

theories it can recover from this unpleasant situation.




Absenteeism at Screenfix has been a matter of concern however this has affected the organizations construction process. Absenteeism occurs when employees are not present at work when they are scheduled to be (Baruch Y 32). Initially the absenteeism at screen fix was low but the levels have recently risen consequently increasing the staff turnover. This has affected the organization in the construction levels.


Staff turnover does not only affect the productions in the organization additionally it also costs the company a lot of money , for instance the money an organization invests into training programs goes to waste. Employee turnover has increased as Screenfix to 15% at site 1 and 30% at site 2: this is due to many factors. High staff turnover interrupts with the inner workings of any operations ( Pettinger R pg 117).


Screenfix possesses only two grades for the production staff which are operative and supervisor. The organization offers its employees limited mobility opportunities in terms of upwards movement in the organization.


Screenfix has a rigid reward system that is based on a weekly or monthly salary and this has lowered the employee job satisfaction levels, morale, increased absent level and decrease in motivation. Rewards system is the most effective positive reinforcement tool for encouraging desired behavior (Torrington D pg 88). The rigidness of screenfix reward system has impacted badly on the organization:under performance and increase in staff turnover.


Employees at this organization posses low morale. There are many reasons that cause low morale but in this case it has been caused by the rigid reward system which works as a demotivation on employees thus influencing staff turnover and absenteeism. Researchers have showed that low morale translates to low productivity levels ( Highbeam Reserches).


This due to various reasons one of them being traditional rigid reward and low morale. Organizational commitment, motivational levels and satisfaction are associated with each other and a high level of these will lead to improved performance and a tendency to remain in an organization (Baruch Y 11).


Screenfix has an unbalanced employee structure for instance Site 1 is more demanding than Site 2 but has far less staff/employees, although site 2 is the production process it also needs more people. There are fifty staff site 1 and two hundred staff in site 2.



* Screen fix has been experiencing absenteeism and this has affected the staff turnover and performance among employees, however with the use of flexi time employees can get the opportunity of flexible hours and also working under flexible working conditions. Researchers have shown that employees work better in a flexible environment. Flexi time has been credited with reduction in tardiness and absenteeism, increase s in employee morale ( Dalton M, Hoyle G D & Watts W M pg 45). The importance of flexi time is to maintain and increase work efficiency and improve employee morale in screen fix. Flexibility: rotation helps ensure that as many people as possible are familiar with as many roles as is practicable ( Chapman J & Torrington D pg 28). For instance site 1 is more demanding than site 2 but has far less employees than at site 2; job rotation can be used as means to solve this unbalanced structure that has been caused by absenteeism.

Flexibility is connected to performance in the sense that job rotation helps employees to remain focused and increased job satisfaction therefore increasing staff performance which most certainly has an impact on the organization productivity. The individual flexibility literature suggests that employees who are flexible are more likely to be satisfied and effective than individuals who are inflexible. The idea of job rotation is that employees will derive greater satisfaction if they experience variety in their work and can understand more of the range of operations in which the organization is involved (Hackett P pg 159). Flexibility helps reduce costs, instead of screenfix hiring more people to work in site 1 since it is more demanding they can also use their own staff through job rotation this helps work to get done and it also reduces costs. Workplace flexibility can increase productivity, provide extended coverage and decrease unplanned absences (Armstrong M & Baron pg 78). It is essential to note that work place flexibility helps increase morale and commitment: reduction in absenteeism and employee turnover.


There are different types of rewards system intrinsic and extrinsic, non financial and financial; however each organization has to choose on e that works well for its company. It is through an organizations reward system that good employees are attracted to the organization, decide to stay in the organization and continually perform well (Gilley W J & Gilley A M pg 78). Screen fix apparently has a traditional reward system that is very rigid based on weekly and monthly salary however employees still possess low morale. Reward is a form of positive reinforcement that boosts morale and increase of work productivity (Cole G A pg 22). Workers at screen fix are experiencing low morale and underperformance therefore the organization can use the reward system at its disposal so as to increase their work performance and maintain production levels. The institute of emplacement found out there was more satisfaction with the system in promotion and development, rather than money which can be used as rewards for good performance (unknown). The situation at screen fix is that staff turnover has increased and this has increased low morale among



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