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Human Resource Duty

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Human Resources:

Summary: Responsible for the development and implementation of key recruiting and retention strategies for

the Company. Designs and monitors key metrics to evaluate the effectiveness of recruitment and retention efforts.

Provides leadership and direction for diverse and complex functions. Contributes to the development of the

organization's business strategy. Interprets business strategy and develops organizational objectives to align with

this strategy. Typically manages multiple teams of professionals.

Core Responsibilities:

- Develops and implements recruitment, staffing, and retention strategies that support business

objectives, improve employee and business performance, and gain a return on investment for the


- Ensures Company meets or exceeds strategic recruiting requirements. Oversees manpower

forecasting and drives career development strategies. Monitors staffing levels and implements

strategies and procedures to assure consistent achievement of succession plans.

- Develops and implements solutions to hiring impediments with full partnership of the HR Leaders

and Talent leads, including continuous improvement of enterprise processes and tools, including

systems administration for Talent Acquisition System.

- Develops recruitment metrics with management team that drives optimal staffing performance.

Collaborates with Recruitment team and other departments to continually assess the effectiveness of

recruiting tools and processes.

- Directs recruiting initiatives including integration of assessment tools, employment branding,

employee referral program, relocation, and interview skills training, etc.

- Collaborates with Managers to identify and develop key outreach sourcing initiatives to ensure a

constant pipeline of talented and diverse applicants. Directs internal and external recruitment and

placement activities and relationship building with businesses, government, and community service

agencies, colleges, employment agencies, and search firms.

- Organizes and conducts education



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