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Human Resource Planning

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Human resource planning

Human resource planning is a process in which any organisation identify and analyse the availability of human resources

so that the organisation's objectives could be fulfilled. in this planning any organisation do two things. one is attract the new talent and the other is retention. The both things are done to accomplish the successful future of the company.

HR planning could be very important in the growing organisation like Tesco due to the needs of many employees.

Definition of HRP:

" HR planning is vital if a business is to reach its future demands regarding staff. It also allow a business time to train the existing staff and to recruit the new staff through fulfil the vacancies".

(HR role in strategic workforce planning for 2009)


HR forecasting:

Forecast of labour demand or labour supply............

In this step the HR team see that how much employees are needed inside the organisation and according to this they recruit the applicants and supply to the company. But if the employees are more than the demand then they do the retention process. Both the labour surplus and shortage are done in order to meet the organisation's future objectives.

Like Tesco calculates that to support its business growth there could be a demand of 4,000 new managers in 2010/2011. So we see that there is a labour shortage. So the Tesco HR team could recruit more managers to fulfil its future demands.

Goal setting and strategic planning.........

In this step the HR team set organisation's goals according to labour surplus or shortage.

Like in the Tesco due to growing there is a need to recruit more managers so the HR team could plan to fulfil the labour demand in coming Christmas and could set its strategy to recruit the managers in comings days.

Programme implementation and evaluation...........

In the last step of forecasting under planning the HR team see that If there is labour surplus so it could retain or transfer the labour into other sector or if there is labour shortage than it could recruit the labour according to demand. For this purpose plans are evaluated and implemented.

In the Tesco there is a need of more managers so the HR team could give advertisements or could open the vacancies on the internet to fulfil the labour demand or implement its planning. In this way it could complete its forecasting to achieve organisations objectives.

We can also under stand the forecasting steps through HRP model............

Job analysis

In the HR planning jobs analysis are as important as forecasting. It tells the employees about their duties and responsibilities inside the organisation

Job analysis include for steps................

1.Job description

2.Job specification

3.Job evaluation

4.Job classification

Job description:

In the HR planning the job descriptions should be cleared. Because it tells out the employees about their tasks and responsibilities which they have to do.

In the Tesco the HR team clearly set out the title of job and to whom the job holder is responsible. It is mentioned very simply.

Job specification:

Its related directly to person's skills. That is why it identify the what skills, qualification, characteristics and the attributes the person should have to do the particular job.

In the Tesco the HR team help the job holders to know what they actually expected from them or on the other hand, they tell that they should have enough knowledge to attract the people and also eligible with the skills for the interview. After that they set the targets and standards for the job performance.

Job evaluation:

It analyse the relative value of the job to the organisation.

In the Tesco the value are set according to positions. In the Tesco the

Manager has different value and tasks to do for the organisation rather than a simple staff. The manager has more responsibilities than simple



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