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Walmart’s Shippingpass Has Ended. What Retailers Should Do Next

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Topic: Walmart’s ShippingPass has Ended. What Retailers Should Do Next.


Walmart stop offer ShippingPass service in January 2017. The ShippingPass is a membership shipping service same as Amazon Prime. Walmart want to use this service to compete with Amazon, and want exchange free two days shipping service.

As more retailers offer free shipping, consumers expect online shopping purchase to be delivered fast and free. Compare with big companies like Amazon and Walmart, SMBs face more challenges. Because Walmart still offer two days free shipping if over $35, SMBs was raised the stakes by this service. If they want to compete, SMBs will need to get creative and reconsider how they conduct their e-commerce business from a fulfillment perspective. These companies need improve technology and supply chain system. Also, inventory management is another part of companies.

In my opinion, Walmart and Amazon are two biggest retailer companies in shipping service. Amazon offer $99 membership per year for two-day free shipping. And Walmart has free two days shipping when over $35. Walmart spent 10 billion in 2015 to develop information technology that include supply chain, so it can compete with Amazon. However, Amazon start offer free one day shipping for prime membership, that is fastest service for consumers.

Topic: Apple to Start Making Iphones in India Over Next Two Months


Apple will start assembling iPhones in India for first time. Before this Apple assembling iPhones in China. Because the labor cost increase, Apple need find another country to produce products. With the sales decrease in China, Apple need find new growth point. Manufacturing iPhones locally would Apple address what analysts say it its biggest problem in India. However, the smartphone is expensive for people in India.

Iphone is not biggest smartphone company in India, the Samsung and Lenovo already have large market share in India. Xiaomi also start conduct business in India. Apple just has 2% market share in India, but after build production line in India, this situation will be change.

In my opinion, if Apple want to improve in India, it need lower their smartphone’s price. It need compete with cheaper smartphone. India has a large population and it will become a huge market for every firm. Apple build perfect supply chain system and will take a preemptive opportunity. Logistics cost will influence product price, so build factory in local place will lower logistics cost in the future.


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