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Alternate Ending of the Crucible

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Essay Preview: Alternate Ending of the Crucible

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Alternate Ending to the Crucible

Changed details: Abigail Williams has actually been hiding with the Putnam's, robbing Hale in case she needs to leave town.

Abigail, Betty, Ruth, Mercy and Mary meet after Proctor, Martha, and Rebecca are ordered to be executed.

ABIGAIL: It is over. Judge Danforth has denounced the proceedings. Starts to grin with at her words. The executions will end today and we are free of any liability to these people of "witchcraft".

MARY: Have you gone mad Abby. You have condemned these innocent souls to die from false accusation, yet you show no sign of remorse or sorrow. This power you stumbled upon has left you corrupt and wrong.

MERCY: Striking her hand across Mary's face. Silence Mary! Abby has left us with this power. We are viewed with such high esteem now, curing this town of its evil. No one even suspects our deception.

BETTY: Surely Reverend Hale suspects us. As well with Goody Proctor.

ABBY: Why not accuse Hale? God knows enough people in the town do not like him. Should anyone cross us, we can just accuse them of witchcraft again.

MERCY: Now facing Abigail. Her previous domineering tone now gone. Abigail, have you lost your judgment. Every good Christian knows that the devil cannot tempt a reverend.

ABBY: With her voice loud and angry. Do not cross me Mercy! I trust you will not betray me.

MERCY: Of course not. Forgive my words. I meant only to warn you of accusing Hale. I am sure that the other girls are simply looking out for your safety as well. Ruth, Mary, and Betty, catching Mercy's hint, nod their heads in unison. I plead you to stay here at the Putnam's until Hale has left Salem.

ABBY: Now calm and collected. Agreed. I'm glad you are all still loyal me.

Exit Abigail.

RUTH Thank God she has left us. I refuse to keep such a monster in my house.

Mary and Betty step forward

MARY: I agree. This atrocity cannot continue. Perhaps if you did not consort with Abigail in the courtroom, Proctor would not have been arrested and she would be the one in jail.

Betty walks to Mary and Ruth and all three stare at Mercy.

MERCY: Torn with the decision she must make. She hesitates. No. I will not help you accuse my friend. She pauses while the other girls start to leave, heads sunk in dissapointment. But I will not tell her what you plan. There is still time before the executions. You'd best search for Hale.

The setting is the gallows, with nooses around the necks of Rebecca Nurse, Martha Corey, and John Proctor. The executioner is preparing to drop the trap doors when hale, Mary Warren, and Betty Parris and Ruth burst onto the platform.

HALE: Shouting as best he can while winded, Stop! For the love of God and all that is holy, stop!

EXECUTIONER: Looking surprised and irritated, Mister Hale, I cannot stop the execution. I have my orders from the court. He turns to pull the lever for the doors.

MARY and BETTY: In unison, They are innocent! The executioner looks at the girls.

EXECUTIONER: Uncertainly, Have you proof? Unless you have proof, I must proceed with the execution.

MARY: Flustered but determined, We do.

The executioner is hesitant and hand on the lever.

Proctor: Please sir, I beg of you. You do not want the sin of my murder on your hands without good reason. The executioner takes his hand off of the lever.

HALE: They say it has all been pretense. The villagers gasp, and Thomas Putnam shoves his way through the crowd until he is in front of the platform.

PUTNAM: You two lie, or witched by John Procter!

BETTY: In a small but confident voice, We do not lie!

MARY: We repent what we have done. We have falsely accused our fellow Christians of witchcraft.

PUTNAM: Enraged, You lie! Fighting their way through the crowd. Putnam is furious with Ruth, Child! He comes toward her in a menacing way, grabbing her upper arm and jerking her toward him, Come here or you will rue the day you were born! Ruth resists him, and Putnam raises his hand to strike her. Hale steps forward and tears Ruth from Putnam's grasp, pulling the girl behind him and using his body as a shield.

HALE: With controlled rage, You shall not lay a finger on this child! Putnam charges to attack Ruth, but executioner steps forward stops him.

RUTH: From behind Hale, I won't lie for you any more Father! I won't help you take any more innocent lives! Danforth



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