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Economics Case Walmart

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Some of the recommend operational actions to take are first to continue to focus on its international acquisitions and continue to expand the Wal-Mart brand internationally. This could catch the interest of new investors with opportunities for expansion in Russia and South Africa where Wal-Mart does not have a footprint.

Since, Wal-Mart has focused on increasing revenue, profit, and reducing expenses, in turn it continues to fail in retaining aspiration shoppers during this economic downturn. Wal-Mart has continued to rank next to last according to the Consumer Reports 2010 (

To improve their customer satisfaction, Wal-Mart should begin having the right people performing the job by having more patient customer service personnel; secondly, by realigning management for improved ideas and performance and assessing the trade abilities and concerns of the employees. Supplementary work tasks can enhance employee satisfaction. Utilizing the employees to aid in the resolution of consumer fulfillment problems the consumer is encountering, thus rewarding the consumer and allotting the employee a fresh skill set by functioning on the task.

Sure, Wal-Mart (WMT) is known for its bargain prices. But it's feeling the heat from dollar-store competitors such as juggernaut Dollar General (DG). A recommendation is to: Squeeze vendors for prices so low the chain can price many items below $1. One of its biggest competitors, Target is already doing well in this area.

A change in its operational structure is recommended. We know Wal-Mart differs from Starbucks Corp. (SBUX), which has the ability for continued expansion with the additions of kiosks to grocery chains. "Mini-marts" are pointless as Wal-Mart focuses on bulk and variety. Altering the manufactured goods to luxury items is perhaps one of the finest avenues open, but it's imprecise what exclusive things Wal-Mart consumers would purchase. It could potentially better manipulate the rent on its vast store spaces by renting space within the store to other businesses, as it does with restaurants such as Subway and McDonalds. This type of creativity is currently being sought out in the industry.


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