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15 Experimental Careers Introduction

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15 Experimental Careers Introduction

Careers in Therapeutic Services

1. Alternative Medicine

Alternative medicine is an optional sort of therapy. It ranges from massages all the way to the use of herbs. Some doctors deem that alternative medicine does not really work and is a false way of alleviating pain.

2. Licensed Midwife

Some women do not want to go to a hospital to have a child. This is where the midwife comes in. This person helps the woman give birth at home.

3. Animal Health Care

It is a way to help pet owners cope with the expenses that a pet can give them. Whether it is for surgery or vaccinations, these health care people help lower the cost. This job is also a job where one looks and helps out animals in need.

Careers in Diagnostic Services

1. Radiology

This job is a job that specializes in the use of x-rays. People in the radiology field help diagnose problems and diseases through the use of x-rays. They also help with the ultrasounds.

2. Ophthalmic Care

These people help with the functions of the eye. They take pictures of the eye and its inside workings and help diagnose problems. They deal with the problems of the eye.

3. Ophthalmologist

Ophthalmologists know the anatomy, physiology, and the diseases of the eye. They know what is going on and help with eye exams. They also perform surgeries in and on the eye.

Careers in Health Informatics Services

1. Medical Coder

They take long sentences or prescriptions that the doctor gives to them and condenses it into codes. They help simplify the reading process and make jobs simpler.

2. Medical Biller

A medical biller bills the people who have come in to the office for checkups or surgeries. They send out the bill and help with the financial aspects of the hospital. They also help regulate the money inventory within the hospital.

3. Privacy Officer

A privacy officer at a hospital has a job that is quite queer. They manage the risks and business impacts of privacy laws and policies. They help conceal and manage personal and private information.

Careers in Support Services

1. Biomedical Technology

This refers to people who know how to twist and use biology to get given results. Whether it is cloning or grafting, it is placed within bioengineering.

2. Central



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