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Career Search Questionnaire

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Essay Preview: Career Search Questionnaire

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1. The career I chose to research is a nurse practitioner. I want to be a nurse practitioner because it's what I've always wanted to be. It a little harder than a nursing job but it's not as hard as doctor, perfect for me. Being a nurse practitioner appeals to me because I love helping people and I love the adrenaline. The information that was provided for me that indicated that it may be an appropriate career for me is it stated that they provide medical treatment to patients, and that they educate the community about health issues.

2. An academic background is necessary for this career and it does require education past high school. It does require education beyond a specialized training program. I'll have to have training and experience as a registered nurse, a master's degree, and a license to practice in my state. There are internships involved in nurse practitioning.

3. The starting salary for this career would be on average 40,000 a year at the least. The possibility for advancement in salary over time in this job is almost one-hundred percent guaranteed. The earning potential for a nurse practitioner is up to two-hundred thousand a year. Additional certifications or further education will indeed increase the earning potential in this career.

4. There's always going to be a demand for nurse practitioners, or anything in the medical field. People are always going to need healthcare. There are jobs in this field available in Kentucky. If you insisted on relocation then you could do as you may but it would not be required. If you were to relocate to a place that was in much need of a nurse practitioner then the salary will be more. The cost of living would not be higher in areas where jobs are located in this field, it would more or likely be the same as any other place you would live, I would assume.

5. The working conditions for someone in this field would be safe and clean. People in this career are there to take care of sick people and you can't have a dirty, unhealthy place to take care of a sick person, it just wouldn't work. There are potential hazards which include contact with patients who have infectious diseases. Nurse practitioners normally work one-on-one with patients or as part of a team of health care providers and they usually work 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. The physical work that is necessary to perform the task of a nurse practitioner is to:

* Perform physical exams and collect patient information

* Diagnose, treat, and manage common illnesses

* Provide medical treatment to patients, such as bandaging wounds or giving medication

* May prescribe medication, order lab tests, and interpret test results

There can be traveling within this career but it's not necessary.



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