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Career Research Paper on Judicial officals

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Essay Preview: Career Research Paper on Judicial officals

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"Lawyers and Judges"

Being a judge is a vast career with multiple opportunities. Most judicial officials are attorneys before taking the big step into the judicial system. Judging is a very successful job if much effort is put into it.

First, education is substantial in developing a judicial career. Graduating with a high school diploma and a college degree are essential in the process of becoming an attorney and/or judge (Careers in Focus 120). Main subjects to prepare for the law field are: English, Government, and Speech (Encyclopedia of Careers and Vocational Guidance 56-61). Based on formal requirements, to become a lawyer usually includes going to a four year college, taking 3 or more years of law school, and passing a state written bar examination (SC Pathways).Maintaining a strong education is absolute to attain these diplomas.

Secondly, after graduating law school, taking the required bar examination is next (Occupational Outlook Handbook 203). If passed, the title of being an attorney or lawyer is obtained. Most lawyers decide to start their own firms and go into business individually (SC Pathways). Communicating information and ideas and speaking so others will understand you is required to be a well-achieved lawyer (SC Pathways).After obtaining a license and have had experience as an attorney, being a judge then becomes an option (Occupational Outlook Handbook 206).

Next, beginning a career as a judicial officer. Judges and magistrates must be appointed or elected as a procedure that often takes political support (Encyclopedia of Vocational Guidance 56-61). To be a federal administrative law judge, you must be a lawyer and pass a competitive examination administered by the U.S. Office of Personal Management (Encyclopedia of Vocational Guidance 56-61). Judges and magistrates and other judicial workers do most work in offices, law libraries, and most importantly the courtroom (Farr 56). Visible responsibility of judges is presiding over trials or hearings and listening as attorneys represent the parties present (Farr 56).

Finally, being a judge or lawyer is a very rapidly growing career and a very competitive process. In 2009, there were about 761,000 lawyers employed nationwide (Careers in Focus 120-130); Getting the right information and education is required to become an officer in this field.

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