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1776 Trenton Battle

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In my opinion the third section of the book is the most important part. This section is about the Trenton Battle. The Trenton Battle was a huge turning point for America. If Washington and his troops hadn’t won that battle they would have lost the war. If they would have lost the war we wouldn’t have the freedom that we have today. We would either be slaves or many of us wouldn’t be here.

George Washington’s army were not in good condition at all. Many of his troops were very ill. They were losing battle after battle and were about to give up, because many of them were not in good enough condition to fight. That’s why this battle was such a big turning point for America. There were 8,000 Hessians that the British had hired. Nobody thought that George Washington and his troops would pull through, but they did when it really matter and won this battle for their country.

The Trenton Battle was on Christmas day in 1776. I think that George Washington out smarted the British army. He had two forces go around to flank the enemy so they couldn’t escape. Then Washington and his troops crossed the Delaware River to fight the British head on. Doing that they won this battle which meant they had won the war. Winning this war gave them their freedom then and our freedom that we have today.



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