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Battle Royal Analysis

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Robin Mullins

Literature and Composition

Mrs. McKay-Fuemmeler

Journal Entry # 9

January 30, 2012

What is this story saying about racism? I think this story wants to make it very clear that they feel as though the whites and the blacks should remain separated but at the same time they also feel as though they could have an education but only to the college for Negroes. The white men I feel do act racists in their everyday lives. You can kind of see that by how the narrator describes the actions of these men through his eyes yet the narrator still tries to give respect even though he is not getting one ounce back. The attitudes of the men in this story, I feel like if you were a man you could only go as far in life with position and respect etc., as the other men would allow. The other men seem to be the ones that make or contribute or maybe even appear to control how far you advance with your life by how they acknowledge you. I do not really agree that all men are created equal in this story, not one little bit. If they were, the narrator would not have been misled about the event that he was to speak at that evening. He had not one clue that he was going to be subjected to such brutality and yet this gentleman of ginger color seem to remain on task about the fact that he was there to do his speech and he intended to follow thru with his word. After he had been severely beaten in the ring he had almost accepted the fact that he was not going to be heard, until one white gentleman addressed him to do his speech. The narrator although sick at his stomach due to swallowing blood still delivered his speech even with all the disrespect in the audience by talking and laughing. I feel that the brief case was somewhat sarcastic towards the narrator; kind of a reminder that yes you can have an education but remember your place in this society. The white men felt that he would lead an example for "his people" to remain obedient to the whites.



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