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Battle Ground - Type of People Who Live in the Community

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Essay Preview: Battle Ground - Type of People Who Live in the Community

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Type of people who live in the community

Battle ground is home to 17,920 residents and is one of the fastest growing communities in the state. Between 1998 and 2012 the population has just more than doubled. The population is 95% white with the remaining 5% distributed among, mixed Races, Indian, Asian or Pacific Islander, and African American. On average the citizens of battleground are more conservative than in the larger surrounding cities

Type of work the residents do

A large portion of the employment opportunities come from Vancouver WA, or Portland OR. Education and health care is the largest amount at 18%, manufacturing is 15%, retail is also 15%, and construction is 13%. There is a median household income of $59,000. The surrounding area is also populated heavily with agricultural farm land that helps to supply the residents with local organic products.

How and where members of the community interact such as festivals, grocery stores, community events, and so forth

Battle Ground is host to a number of community events including the annual Harvest Days, Pumpkin Festival, and Ladybug bazaar. The community also has many outdoor recreation areas that the community cherishes. The historic old town Battle Ground offers a taste of the down home country values that have held that community together since it was settled in the late 1900's. There is also the Battle Ground lake state park, Day Break Park, Lewisville Park, Lucia Falls Park, and Moulton Falls. The community also gathers at one of a few local farmers markets, and the newly renovated public library.

How would you describe the responsibilities of the individuals to the community?

The members of this community have the responsibility to follow the local recycling programs to help maintain the local resources. By visiting and supporting all of the local parks and recreations the members of the community can ensure that these resources have the means to continue operating. Members of this community host numerous community service days to help clean and maintain the parks. The members of this community also show responsibility by supporting the local farms and businesses.

What are the community's responsibilities to the individuals?

The community is responsible to offer the members of this community continued opportunities to gather together at local events, and invest in new activities that the community can enjoy. The community needs to provide new opportunities for local businesses, while maintaining the local farmland. The community needs to continue investing in the local school programs. The community also needs to maintain all of the local parks to ensure that community has places to meet and enjoy all the beauty this area has to offer. Finally the community needs to provide opportunities for the members to participate in cleanup, recycle, and beautification activities to ensure that everyone plays a part in maintaining the community.

Profile of Camas Washington

Type of people who live in the community

The Camas of today is comprised of ninety two percent white with the remaining eight percent made up mostly of Asian and Hispanic individuals. This is largely a family community where the median age is 34 and the median household income is sixty five thousand a year. The community is largely conservative where the residents desire to continue transforming Camas into a community that supports and represents their values and life styles.

Type of work the residents do

Twenty years ago, the main industry in Camas was a paper mill. It was a small working class community that understood growth would happen however they did very little to protect it from the kind of growth that ensued. Through the mid nineteen eighties through the nineties, high tech industries started moving into the area building large plants in the abundant low tax incentive areas surrounding the down town area. With the plants came new homes for workers who now made more than their mill worker counter parts and influx of investment dollars. With this money and power came the ability to change the landscape of peaceful wooded surrounding into affluent neighborhoods.

Camas had a population of five thousand after the nineteen eighty census. It now has a population of almost twenty thousand thirty years later. The mill is all but closed under the pressure of the residents that do not like the looks, location and odor admitting



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