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2012 U.S Senatorial Campaign

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Essay Preview: 2012 U.S Senatorial Campaign

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Alishia Chandler

Professor Alduino

PLS 111 - 871

Nov 6th, 2012

2012 U.S Senatorial Campaign

The state of Maryland is only moments away from choosing who they want to represent them for Senate. Will it be incumbent Ben Cardin? Or will it be many of the other candidates running? The candidates running other than Ben Cardin are Daniel Bongino, Dean Ahmed, Rob Sobhani, and Brandy Baker.

On June 3, 2007, Ben Cardin assumed office for the U.S senate seat that had been held by Paul Sarbanes. Before having a senate seat, Cardin held a seat in the House of Representatives for 20 years. For both the Senate and House of Representatives, Cardin worked hard on issues such as health care, retirement security, the environment and fiscal issues. Daniel Bongino is one candidate who is trying to take the seat away from Cardin. Bongino won the Maryland primaries back in April of 2012, beating out 10 other candidates. Having served with the New York Police Department and the Secret Service, Bongino believes real world experience can help shape Maryland for the better. Some of Bongino's key issues include education, immigration, foreign investments and renewable energy. Another opponent that Cardin will have to face is Independent Rob Sobhani. A Maryland resident for over 33 years, Sobhani believes that he can "Move Maryland Forward", making that his mission statement. Sobhani has a 5 point plan on how he believes he can move is beloved state in the right direction, which includes health care and education. The last candidate on the Senate ballot is Libertarian Dean Ahmed. Ahmed decided to run for U.S Senate because he became too concerned about the issues that are currently facing America today. Ahmed's key issues include wars, the economy, and the erosion of civil liberties. All of these candidates have different views of how Maryland can live up to its potential, but they all believe in the greatness of this state. Some issues that these hopefuls have to face are the economy, healthcare, the environment, and energy.

Within the last4 years, Americans are desperately looking for hope since the economy has crashed. A debate about the economy alone is a subject that can easily sway a voter from one party to the next. Cardin believes that the economy can be saved by using a plan from the 1990's by former President Bill Clinton. Ben thinks this can be done by creating a fiscal discipline that will in turn eliminate the deficit.

Another topic that citizens are concerned about is healthcare.

With the Chesapeake Bay being Maryland's claim to fame, voters want to how the candidates plan to maintain a clean and safe environment.



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