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6-Week on-Line Course

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Again, this is an intensive 6-week on-line course. Your regular and timely participation is very important to succeed in this class. Almost every other week, we will have one Discussion Question. I look for at least 2 responses from you on each chapter discussion question. First, you are required to provide a complete response specifically to my question, and then give One comment on one of your classmate's responses. Your responses to my questions and your comments on your classmates' responses can not just be "I agree" or "I disagree". You should elaborate why you agree or not. When I grade your participation and discussion, I first count the number of responses and then look into the quality of your comments. The quality of your comments is defined by whether you just use your personal opinion or you base on what is learned from the class notes, textbooks, and other scientific research and studiesChapter quizzes consist of objective (true/false and multiple-choice) questions. They cover the

assigned readings and PowerPoint presentations. Quizzes are designed to familiarize you

with the format of exams. Make sure you take the quizzes before the exams. Former students

suggested that they benefit greatly from the quizzes. You can take them 2 times until you get

them all right.

d. Term Paper:

One 7-10 page, comprehensive term paper is due at the end of the semester. This term paper should be double-spaced, typed and properly cited. Detailed format will be discussed in class and in paper guideline. Late paper receives no credits.



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