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Essay on Steroids

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Over the years steroid use has increased among athletes who are looking for a extra boost in their athletic performance. Many athletes who take these performance enhancing drugs are unaware of the dangerous side effects that they may cause. Athletes should stay away from steroid use to lessen the chance of increased heart rate, premature heart attacks and strokes, and excessive change in mood. Many teens experiment steroids hoping to improve in their sports not knowing that this drug can lead to serious health effects. Steroid-related fatalities occur as a result of suicide, homicide, liver disease, heart attack, and cancer meaning that steroids can cause death. I believe if steroids are not recommended by a doctor then it should not be used .

Steriod can cause many different side effects in users such as endocrine disorder, decreased sperm count, irregular menstrual cycle, impotence, body acne, and many other effects. Not only are steroids used for sports its used to make money illegally also often people will sell this drug on streets as they would do any drug such as cocaine or marajuhuna .

Many people take steroids to improve their athletic performance, although users say it increases in muscle bulk, strength, and endurance, steroids cannot improve agility, athletic skill, and fatigue which also affect performance, and there is no evidence that steroid use decreases recovery time from injuries. There are also many ways to tell if someone is using steroids for example Rapid weight gain and muscle development, Acne, aggressive behaviour, and balding. Steriod use give off psychological effects too such as violent behaviour called roid rage, and long term users suffer from paranoia, lack of good judgement, and feeling of invincibility. Some of these side effects are the same as in the use of hard drugs.



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