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A Business Plan

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This experience was one of the most challenging experiences of my life. For instance, we only had to two days to complete a business plan, and usually business plans take at least a month to prepare. Imagine that you have no experience what so ever in the business field, and you have a business plan due in two days. To top that! We had to perform in front of actual judges who own their own businesses. My group was so stressed out some of my group members actually cried because they were so stressed out. I have never been up so long doing research. My job was to provide information on our competitors, information on our materials, and to come up with additional ideas for our project. Our project was very simple it was an insole with a chip built inside, which would control your pace while you exercise. Also, our product was odor resistance and moisture absorbent we were the only people who created a product like this. We spent hours putting this together plus more because we were behind in our work. The reason for this, is because my group members didn't understand certain things so we had to spend time developing our ideas more. Then, it came down to presenting our project; it was so intense that I froze up in front of the judges and started to stutter and I never stutter, or become nervous when I'm about to present something. I was so disappoint in myself for folding under pressure like I did, but at the end of the day I was proud I did it. This project taught me a lot in a little amount of time. It taught me how to work in a group with people when a major assignment is due. It taught me how to work under pressure and maintain a focus mind and just try your best. Also, it gave me a taste on life as a business major and how rigorous the assignments are going to be once I become and upperclassmen.



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