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I Am a Patriot of My Country

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Miss Nims, takes a letter to E.B. White.

Dear Mr. White: I am a philosopher. I am a writer. I am a naturalist. I can say, Mr. White, that we share many similarities, however, separate views in living. Like I said before "I wanted to live deep." "I want[ed] to glorify God and enjoy him forever." I am a religious man, Mr. White, and feel that if I cannot practice resignation in modern society, rather I must go back to a simpler and primitive time. "Simplicity! Simplicity! Simplicity!" That is all ask for, and that is all I expect to receive. Mr. White, I find your letter quite amusing and humorous; surprisingly, I find that it appeals to my liking. However, I fear for you, Mr. White. You live in a world of technology, cars, and man- made pleasures. Therefore, you have not stopped to slow down and deliberately cherish Nature as I do.

I am a patriot of my country. I am such a patriot that I returned home and listened to your "Amos and Andy" radio show. Thank you for educating me as to how episodes function over a radio. I could not agree more as I listened to this "Amos and Andy" that your century, forgive me, is a nimble bunch. I too have approached Concord walking on Route 62 and at this speed at which I hold I find my philosopher's mind racing as yours is merely struggling to begin as you drive your automobile down. You are a very attentive man for you have noticed, coincidently, that syringas and lilacs are my favorite. Thank you as to being so considerate to find the simple sweetness of God's creation. Maybe one day God will bless you with a pond as deep as mine, as yours is quite shallow.

I hear that you keep a copy of my book with you at all times. I hope your wife, Katherine, is reading it, as well. I can only hope that she does not read it as often as you do in times of defluxion and despair. In such a high-speed and knowing world, only such pleasures from my book will come in handy as your handkerchief reaches your eyes to dry your tears of shear joy as you read every word from my book.

It was a great pleasure to receive your letter and even more of a delight to read it. I hope your stay in Concord is as rejuvenating as mine; however, if you find that you are falling or in ever need of an oasis you are always welcomed to spend your $7.70 refurbishing my humble abode in Walden Pond.



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