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Economics Case - Noon Pakistan Limited

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Essay Preview: Economics Case - Noon Pakistan Limited

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Noon Pakistan limited (NPL) is a public limited company and is quoted on Karachi stock market. Its Rs.10 share is currently trading at Rs.194, which show the strength of the company. there is no direct linkage or dealings amongst The Group Companies except having some same directors on Boards of all the companies.

The company has its head office at Lahore and the planet is located at bhalwal.150 km up north and is connected through Lahore-Islamabad motorway.

The company is run by an experienced and qualified team of professionals, under sunder supervision of the chairman and directors. The company has nearly 300 permanent and 320 contract employees at the plant and head office in milk collection, processing, engineering, transport, laboratory, finance, administration and sale & marketing departments. Due to excellent relationship between the management and employee, the workers have not formed any trade union at the plant or the head Office.


Noon Pakistan Limited (NPL) was incorporated in 1966, and went into production in 1972 and started marketing Milk powder, Butter and Cheese under brand name of "NURPUR". Later pasteurized Milk, Jams, and UHT Milk/Cream were added. Nurpur ,being the market leader in butter and Cheese, has earned a name for itself due to high quality and consistent standard and for this reason had no difficulty in penetrating UHT Milk Market against giants like Nestle and Haleeb.

Noon Pakistan limited equity base and fixed assets have increased substantially to Rs. 79 million and Rs.347 million in the form Rs.6 million and Rs.89 million respectively. The year (2004-2005) turnover has jumped from Rs.303 million to near Rs.1 billion.


Quality is the cornerstone of our success for the last 33 years; we want to become market leader by providing quality products to Pakistani consumers. However we would like to avail the export opportunities whenever possible and convenient.

Our Goal

We live in a competitive world and must never forget that our customers have a choice. If they are not satisfied with nurpur product, they will switch to another brand. Our goal, therefore, is to provide superior value in every product category and market sector in which we compete.

Core Values

* Customers are at the forefront of everything we do.

* Ideas are constantly challenged to develop next generation solutions.

* Business is conducted openly and fairly - but we compete fiercely.

* Team-work is encouraged with individual flair for the best results.

* Tough



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