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A Man's World?

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A Man's World?

The ancient world of which Homer wrote was quite a bit different for both men and women. The roles that were assumed by either sex, as well as the roles they had with one another are but simple shadows in the world of today. Men physically are still the larger (on average), and women (for the most part) are still the only ones capable of carrying children, but beyond that I think that the differences have grown wildly especially during the last four or five decades. This would include the role of women in the work place, in the household, even the military.The world is no longer a man's world in the way it used to be.

There are more than twenty counries in todays world with women leaders, and the number has contiened to grow as a percentage over the last 20-30 years to the point were now it is common place. Looking at the US as an example we see that currently almost 20% of the Congress and Senate are female, and prior to 1992 very few had ever been elected to these two offices. The role of women especially in those high offices is nothing like the roles they played in ancient times. Women may have had a role here and there as a queen, princess or other such position but the Greek parliments were not 20% percent women in any way. Women also didn't own buisnesses in the huge quantities that they do today. For example one of the most successful movie franchises ,the James Bond Films, has been led by Barbara Broccoli. This is no longer a reare thing in big business of America.

It is my beliefe that men are becoming more and more complacent with the idea of women assuming leadership roles not only in the world at large but also in the household ,mostly as a result of those changes in the world outside the home. The world that was portrayed in 1950's television is not only no longer the norm, but it seems to be looked down upon.

For example , a woman was once upon a time expected to have dinner on the table, care for the kids,and maintain the household but now for a man to exspect such things he would be seen as a chovanist pig. Having recently married into an Arabic family that practices a moderately stringent Islamic faith I can tell you that the entire world has not come so far in changing womens roles.

It seems today that every woman is expected to get a job, barely know how to cook, and for their to be equality among the household responsibilities.

When you look at the push to allow women into all services, and positions of the military it is easy to see how disalutioned the public has become on what a womans role should be. It is my beliefe that women should occupy support roles and other less physically demanding or situationally dangerous positions. The military was forced to change the fitness standards for physical readiness tests in order to allow more women the ablity to pass. Having been in the



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