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Action Program - Toyota Prius

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The Toyota Prius will be introduced in January 2012. Following are summaries of the action programs we will use during the first six months of the year to achieve our stated objectives

January We must pretest the products to make sure the quality of product and reduce the errors in general. We will launch a $500000 trade sales promotion campaign and hold a motorshow exhibitions to train dealers and staffs. Besides, we will generate channel to support for the actual launch of the Toyota Prius in February. Also, we will create a buzz by holding a press releases and press conferences to create public relations. These can be used for the launch of the Prius to raise awareness and create interest for the new product and explain the public about the Prius' features, benefits and advantages. We can invite media channels, experts, celebrities, and also the existing Toyota customers to join it and it also helps us to promote our new product and make customers relationship.

February: We will start an integrated print/radio/Internet and other PR campaign targeting profesionals and consumers. The campaign will show how unique, advance and useful of the Prius and emphasize green and saved function and the improvement in design of this product. This campaign will be supported by advertising in car industry magazines, cover of newspaper, also online ads through social networks like: MySpace, Facebook, Cyworld, Twitter,... and CFs on TV with the presentation of celebrities. Internet plays an important role, direct mail will be sent as email where possible and enable buyers to purchase the Prius online. A Prius specific microsite will offer all information e-brochures for download.

March: Multimedia advertising campaign continues. Besides, we will make a short program on TV channel or Prius microsite which is on air weekly. In this, we will hold a contest which includes 1 or 2 questions with multiple choices about protecting green environment and save fuel resources, and how Toyota Prius help customers in their behavior to the environment. Participants can answer the questions by telephone, message or on Prius microsite. Then prizes for winner in each week is digital devices such as: Mobile phone, entertained devices such as: psps, mp3 players,... ( we can cooperate with other electronic devices companies for prizes). Through those programs, we can support our retailers by emphasizing advantages, and also the special things about products to costumer.

April: We will hold a contest in salesmans and retailers who sell the most Toyota Prius cars during four-week period.

May: We will organize a new advertising. We will produce a short film which is a short interesting and meaningful story about protecting environment by using Prius and happy moments when people use it. We will introduce some celebrities acting in this film. This films will be divided into 4 episodes and will be on air in TV and



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