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Doctoral Development Action Plan

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Essay Preview: Doctoral Development Action Plan

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Table of Contents

I. In the Beginning: Overall Vision/Goals

* Personal/Professional Goals

* Competencies

* Bodies of Knowledge (Timeline)

II. The Plot Thickens:

* Networking

* Colloquium

* Research Methodologies

* Writing Skills

III. The Final Chapter

* Support Team

* Doctoral Comprehensive Examination

* Dissertation

* Integrated Life



Doctoral Development Action Plan

Knowledge is power, when you stop learning you stop leading. In 2000, a college professor wrote this down on a sheet of loose paper and this has been a constant in mind since that day. Embarking on a journey to pursue a doctorate degree is a challenging task. Is going for a PhD the right thing for me? If so, is the area I am pursuing right for me? The doctoral journey will entail endings and beginnings, loss and retrieval. This doctoral development action plan is an intellectual attempt to describe my vision for this PhD journey. This journey will lead to the completion and achievement of the highest academic vision or dream. The doctoral action plan will travel through my intended PhD journey and address several factors and adventures that will impact my journey. These factors include, but are not limited to, bodies of knowledge, research, and writing skills and my doctoral dissertation.

Personal & Professional Goals

Education has played an integral part in my life. There is a feeling of incompleteness with me knowing that I have not reached the pinnacle of my education. As a junior in high school, I always wanted to work in Accounting. When I graduated from college, I was able to obtain entry-level accounting position at Georgia Pacific. I have worked in the Accounting field since that day. While I am still unsure about what I want to do, I am absolutely sure that I want it to be something in the Accounting industry. I have always told myself that I did not want to teach, but I think all the education has showed me that I could excel as a professor. My long time goal is to take the CPA exam and open my own CPA firm. Getting this doctorate degree will allow me to explore several other opportunities that I never thought possible.


A competency is the ability to demonstrate the academic skills, the intellectual acumen,



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