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A Personal View of Art

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A Personal View of Art

Art is such a vague term that initiates multiple images. It is the creative expression that transmits from an individual, and peaks when the individual's emotions are strong. Emotions such as anger, pain, loneliness, sadness, love, happiness, and joy are amazing conductors of creative energy. From music, to canvased masterpieces or bent metal; to unique forms, shapes, and shades, created from a box of sixty-four brilliant Crayola crayons put on paper, and taped to proud mother's fridge, art provides beauty to the world around us and allows us to glimpse inside another individuals inner most thought and emotions , without boundaries

Music varies amongst cultures and has continuously changed with the times, but few more so than American music. American's have used music as a form of self-expression as well as to celebrate mile-stones in their lives for centuries. Artists very from time period to period, but each section of time holds a handful with pure artistic genius. Artist such as Stephen Foster, Bessie Smith, Jimi Hendrix, Michael Jackson, Madonna, Eminem, break the boundaries of their time and shift the surrounding culture.

Masterpieces are found around the world and reflect the culture in which they were created. Without these paintings and sketches, we would be unable to visualize the past with accuracy. Portraits give us a peek at historical clothing and traditions of kings and queens, soldiers and generals, scenes of war and tranquility. Having the talent to produce such amazing pieces of art and record provided great wealth to those possessed it. Modern times have reduced the need for such portraits since photography (yet, another form of art) has become a household hobby. Artistic paintings and portraits are now considered a beautiful luxury rather than necessity. None the less, "starving artists" can be found all over America scraping together the means to live, while trying to make a career out of their natural born gift.

Although a large group are born with the gift, only a handful dedicate their lives to it. It begins with parents recognizing and feeding the talent by providing praise and guidance (or someone to provide it for them) while the artist is young. We have become bias as to what art is or what it should be and fail to notice all the art that is uncategorized. Children have yet to become affected by their surrounding culture and thus have an untarnished eye and ear for art. They can see patterns, colors, and hear characteristics of melodies that as adults, we have lost the ability to see with an open mind. Regardless of current fads, political movements, or opinions, they see and hear art for what it is or what it was meant to be. A prime example of society twisting the perception of an artist would be American Gothic. Grant Wood painted American Gothic in 1930 and was accused of reflecting a satire on the narrowness



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