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Dropping out of School - Personal Views Essay

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I was staring out of the window for a long time, too preoccupied with my deep thoughts. It seemed to be my favorite thing to do at the time. Never in my entire life it had crossed my mind that I would stop going to school. But still, the unforeseen circumstance happened.

Ever since I started school, I had always been a part of the honor roll. Impressing the people around me became one of the reasons why I wanted to do everything better. I did not want to disappoint anyone, especially my family. I graduated as valedictorian in elementary, and I felt the pleasure in earning achievements. I was happy, but it felt like there was something missing, and I did not get ahold of it. Until high school came and I realized that it was because I did not have a purpose in life. I did not feel the essence of achieving those medals and awards. Of course, I wanted to finish my studies and have a good-paying job, but that was it. I did not have anything specific planned in my head. For some time, I considered many things and it came down to psychology. I was still a consistent honor until the third year of high school. There was a life-changing turn of events wherein my family decided to move in Parañaque. I was thrilled because of the new things that were about to come into our lives, but at the same time, I was nervous. I did not know what to expect. I was afraid that I might not fit in. Until the school started and it was manageable. I was in fourth year and I was fourteen at the time. I know I was too young and I admit I was still immature. I had poor decision-making skills. I felt inferior; in that case, it was the reason why I went along with what the majority preferred to do. I started to have poor grades. I was disobedient. I became the opposite of the old me. Somehow, I felt free. It felt like I got out of the cage. I did not feel the urge to impress everyone anymore. I could do anything carelessly and I did not need to worry too much about everything. But there is a thin line between freedom and slavery. I became a captive of my own behavior. I was not aware of the thing that held me back from righteousness—myself. I was too denial to admit that I was wrong. Under those circumstances, the time came for me to face the consequence. My sister decided to drop me out of school for many reasons. With all means, I was completely opposed to their decision. I did not want to stop because, firstly, K12 curriculum did not sound appealing during that time. I was on the last batch of the old curriculum so I was hesitant for the K12. I really wanted to change but my behavior was getting out of hand. Once I got out of the comforts of our home, wrongdoings would get in the way and I would be tempted, therefore I would still do the same thing over again. I made a ton of mistakes and they gave me a lot of chances but I still chose the wrong side of the path. I needed to reflect on my own mistakes because I would never learn if they kept on giving me



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