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A Successful Speech

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A Successful Speech

A successful speech moves the audience where the speaker wants it to go. This is done by the use of various rhetorical methods as can be seen by Antony's speech in Julius Caser and also President John F Kennedy's "We Choose to Go to the Moon" speech. Both President Kennedy and Antony accomplish their speech's purpose by using pathos, ethos and logos.

Antony understands that the plebeians are motivated by emotion and shapes his appeal to base fears. Likewise, when the president spoke to the Russians, he intended to strike fear into their leaders. Kennedy described the exploration of space as if he had a rocket prepared to launch. Such descriptions of American possibilities likely were intended to terrify his Russian Communist audience to back down on their space programs. He describes the possibility that the new frontier could become a horrifying arena of war, furthering the warnings to the Soviets. Politicians rely more on emotions and less on logic when making a successful speech.

A successful speech needs to be supported by a credible speaker. Antony shows his good will by acknowledging Brutus's point of view on Caesar. He uses a sarcastic tone while repetitively mentioning when Brutus proclaimed "[Caesar] was ambitious; and, sure, Brutus is an honorable man.", hinting that Brutus, the leader of the conspirators, is anything but honorable (III, ii 107-108). Antony wanted to convey to the public what a true honorable man is. He asked the crowd, "I thrice presented him a kingly crown, which he did thrice refuse: was this ambition?" (III, ii, 105-106). This reminds the crowd that Brutus said that Caesar was ambitious. In effect, they wonder if Brutus was actually right or not. Kennedy, on the other hand, uses what William Brad stated in 1630 mentioning "all great and honorable actions are accompanied with great difficulties." He reassures the people that the path to space is not going to be simple and does not deny that it will be expensive, whereby strengthening his honesty appeal.



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