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Hate Speech

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Derrick Pratt


Dr. Schrock


Hate Speech

Research Question 1. To what point can a person freely express their mind on a particular group in words until it is no longer considered freedom of speech but a hate speech?


We hear the words every day, "nigga", "cracker", "beaner", "spic". Should words like these to describe a certain group of people be regulated by law? This debate has been brought up to congress a lot recently, since the problem has only continued to get worse. Cases have reached the Supreme Court and decisions have been swayed two ways, supporting and not supporting this agreement. When coming to a decision on whether free speech is hate speech I believe you must keep 3 ideas in mind. First, you must understand the problem. What is hate speech? Next, understanding the controversy with the hate speech argument. Is it hate speech or free speech? Finally, finding a solution to the hate speech dilemma. It what way can the government effectively regulate a bias motivated crime?

Body 1- Hate speech has became a national problem, not only does it affect an individual but an entire group.

1. What is a hate speech- Any form of expression deemed offensive to any racial, religious, ethnic, or national group.

2. How much hate speech exists in United States yearly?

a. According to the FBI there were 7,856 hate crimes related last year (Deitle).

3. To whom does hate speech victimize?

a. One of the most targeted groups is the gay community (fish).

b. Not only is a single person a victim of a hate crime but the entire group in which they are affiliated is also affected (Jacobs).

4. How much damage does it cause?

a. Hate speech can result to physical forms of crime (Jacobs).

b. Hate speech causes emotional damage to not only individuals but entire groups.

c. Hate speech has caused certain groups to deny to whom they are affiliated because they are scared of harm.

Body 2-Hate speech has been one of the most controversial topics of the nation; hate speech has 3 different general views.

We have that grey area when labeling free speech as hate speech.

3 different views on labeling hate speech.

1st those believe hate speech is terrorist attack on group. Strict penalties full extent.




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