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A Thematic Analysis of Acceptance in Diabetes

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Essay Preview: A Thematic Analysis of Acceptance in Diabetes

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There are a number of ways in which people accept diabetes.

 "I could never worry about it (0.6) ...[I]'ve done some pretty crazy things I I'll sit down and occasionally eat a bag of sweets (0.7) ... [I] mean all I do is just increase my injection next time round em (0.6) some people wouldn't (0.8) they would be "if that's what I've been told to take that's what I'll take" (David, Lines 773-787)

Dismissal and ignoring and Acceptance

Acceptance is linked closely with control as if an individual is unable to accept their condition the more likely they are going to be to having no control over it. Can control be helped with nurse care, care given by someone who knows the person well. Acceptance seen in different ways, different ways in accepting.

Ho et al (2010) said that empowerment plays a vital role in self management. They said that trust in nurses, competence, awareness, striving for control and trust in nurses influences empowerment. Nurses should evaluate and review a patients knowledge, health beliefs and negative emotions as well as the outcome of interventions as a means to enhance a patient's health promoting behaviours. The way that an individual feels about their condition has a strong impact on how able they are in controlling the condition.

The four participants in this study have reinforced previous findings that coping style is important in order to control and accept type 1 diabetes.

Type one diabetes causes psychological strain on individuals with 65-70% of patients experiencing psychological problems (McGuire & Walsh 2006).



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