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A Trip to the Capital City

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Essay Preview: A Trip to the Capital City

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Trip to The Capital City

          I just passed out of my class 12th, and I was very keen on pursuing my graduation in Delhi University. Even my parents were very happy that I would be studying in Delhi University. It was a matter of pride for them. So there I was, dying to get to the destination of my dreams. My only choice for mode of travel was train (back then I didn’t know that you don’t need a passport to travel within India, and it was expensive too). My mom asked me to book the tickets in an A/C coach. It was the first time for me that I would be travelling in an A/C coach. So for me the excitement started right from the booking of the tickets. So I started making research of what all states I would be crossing on my way to Delhi. There were 4 states on my way to Delhi, viz. Telangana, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh. Each with their own unique culture, tradition, native dishes, language and of course people. I was very excited to experience all of that. And on top of that my parent’s belief that I was old enough to travel to a land unknown made it even more exciting.

          So, it was the day of my journey. I packed my stuff. My phone, fully charged with my headphones hanging around my neck, my bagpack on my back, I was all set for my excursion. I had to complete two things while I finish this journey:- 1.  To apply for the  Delhi University 2. To enjoy every moment of this journey.

          My train arrived. I boarded the train. The cold air from the air conditioner hit my body as I entered and at once I feel fresh all over again. I waved at my parents as the train departed.  I came back to my seat. The next station which was about to come was Secunderabad-Telangana State. I had been to Secunderabad earlier, pretty close to my hometown. It was a pleasant nostalgia for me. I started to think of my previous visits to this city. Two of the most significant things affiliated to this city are Ramoji Film City and Paradise Hotel which is famous all over India for its taste bud tantalizing Hyderabadi Dum Biryani. I craved Biryani at that moment. This station was a perfect start to my adventurous journey.

The next station on journey was Nagpur-Maharashtra State. It is known for two things one being Oranges and another is Tiger Reserves. I wanted to buy some oranges to eat so get off the train and started searching for the fruit shop. To my disappointment I learned that it was off season for Oranges. The only things that was abundantly found on that station was “Vada Pav” . The native fast food dish of Maharashtra state. The vendor was talking in Marathi(regional language of Maharashtra state). The only sentence I knew in Marathi was “Marathi mala yeth nai.” which means I can’t speak Marathi. The vendor understood that I belong to some other state. Because learning a language might be easy but to learn the peculiar colloquial tone with which that language is spoken is quite an impossible task. I smiled at him and  bought Vada Pav and it was delicious. Language plays a significant role in our day to day life.

Anyways, moving on. My train departed from Nagpur to reach Bhopal the capital city of Madhya Pradesh.  Bhopal is famous for sweets like “Poha and Jalebi”, “Bhopali Pan”. My favorite sweet is “Jalebi”, so there was no way I would not buy some Jalebis . Those were the best Jalebis that I had ever tasted in my life. People were also as sweet as their cuisine was. I was having the time of my life there at Bhopal Railway station, and I suddenly hear the depressing horn of my train ordering me to get back on the train. I bought some more Jalebis before leaving that station. It was the best experience of my life so far. I was standing on the entrane of the compartment watching the people at the station. The train started to depart.



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