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A Way Back into Love

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A Way Back Into Love

Gliding through the air I rush to my home, my memories, my past. The chill air feels refreshing against my pale skin and wisps my blonde hair across my face. The chill air freezes my tears and I shiver all my worries away. My light shines brighter and brighter at just the thought of going back. I am happier this way. All at once, green land surrounded by powder blue water appears below the mist and I feel a sense of belonging. This is my home. This is Neverland.

Expectedly, it's different now. The terrain is barren instead of full of life like it used to be. The sky is gloomy with dark clouds. Yes, it's different now. I fly back to my knothole in the maple tree and I can still smell the fungi and flower nectar. At least the tree didn't change, if only everything else hadn't. Inside my knothole every single thing has remained untouched as if I never left. Milk and honey in the cupboard, my pom-pom shoes in the corner like always, and all my dresses the color of what the grass once flourished like. After all, green is my favorite color. Peter always loved that about me.

Peter Pan was the type of man who always cared for my fragile self. I will always love Peter, he's my best friend. I remember one time he nearly saved my life by getting everyone to chant that they believe in fairies. It goes without saying that every time a person says that they don't believe in fairies, a fairy dies. I owe my life to Peter. Before he left I said to him "You know that place between asleep and awake, the place where you can still remember dreaming? That's where I'll always love you, Peter Pan. That's where I'll be waiting." And so I'm waiting. My light will always shine the brightest for Peter Pan, my best friend.

As I fly across the island I find some arrows, and chuckle. Of course, you can imagine the type of jealousy and anger that came over me when Peter brought back Wendy to Neverland. Nonetheless, into my home! The glowing envy I had was as green as my leafy dress. I may have pulled her hair once or twice. And I may have tricked The Lost Boys to shoot arrows at her. But I couldn't have anyone interfering with Peter and me. Oh but how I miss The Lost Boys, all six of them. Tootles always being so humble and Nibs being so brave. Slightly was always twinkling, when my light wasn't. His musical talent was a blessing. However, Cubby was so troublesome. As much as I loved him, he always got on my nerves. And The Twins taught me everything I know about dancing. Now they're all probably working and middle-aged. They're not so lost anymore.

My time here is running out, and I have to go back to Pixie Hollow soon. Back to mending pots and kettles, I guess. And working in my workshop in the hometree. It's not that I don't adore Cottenpuffield, but there's got to be more to



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