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Essay on Love

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Love. It is the most powerful, the most unique, the strangest word ever developed by the human language. And yet we often use it so frivolously. I love you. That phrase is supposed to mean more than life, death, pain or health. It means the affection of one person for another. It means the strength you lend to a person you love who is in need. It means the sacrifice you lay down for that person. It means you give your very life without a seconds thought for the consequences of what may come from your decision. It also means you'll do what's best for that person whether they like it or not. Not only the sacrifice, but the relation ship is just as important. You commit yourself to that person. Not foolishly going along with just anyone, but looking to God for guidance. When He says that she's the one then you can follow her, but be wary for not only does God try to influence you, but so does Satan. Satan tries to trap you into mistaken love. That love is a deadly poison that can easily ruin your life. Satan lays traps, pitfalls, and snares for you to fall into. And when he tries to convince you of love he uses all the tricks in the book. What better snare do we have than that of our own mind? So fragile, so emotional, and so bitter. The evils of our mind corrupt our thinking and don't allow us to make proper decisions. Not only does it affect our emotions, but it creates illusions of what we wish would happen. For you reader, I warn of traps your mind withholds. Will they ensnare you? Or will you heed the warning of a humble poet? Do you realize the power that words have? They are just as ensnaring as our emotions. But I promise you that I will not deceive you. I wonder though... are you affected by my writings? Do you feel and hear the emotion that I do when I write of such things? Do I entrance you with these unique thoughts? Do you wonder what I'm going to write next? Do you feel that it might have something to do with you? If you are interested, keep reading and I guarantee it will only get better the more you follow my thoughts as I spin you through these webs of philosophy and theories. As the reader can you let your emotions flow through each and every word I write about? Will you trust me enough to let go of any doubt and just believe all that I write.

Can we love without giving away anything? I don't think so. And the more we go through heartbreak the more skeptical we are to trust those we think can hold our happiness. But with a little hope we can find both victory in defeat for we may find happiness for a season, yet ahead there is heartache for the one you thought would bring happiness brought only despair. And from this despair comes an anger, or rather something to block your path to contentment. Yet somehow we are urged on. How? Is it God? Is it a need? Or is it that void inside of each of us? Is it that piece of us that reminds us of the times we cherished before the despair, before the grief, before the loss? Is it that piece of us that tells us we need love? But what kind of love do we desire? Is it the love we receive from our parents as they sacrifice their



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