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A World View

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The schools in India are entirely different from American schools. The 1st thing in uniforms. Here we don't have any uniforms but in India most of the schools have uniforms. We don't go walk to the next class there, instead the teacher's go to each class. I think its fun to walk to the next class. We don't have any online progress reports there. Here we cannot even imagine without an online progress report! We don't have a cafeteria there. All the students have a main class and all of them eat their lunch in that class. In India we don't use the word middle school or elementary.We say upper primary(U.P) for middle school and Lower Primary(L.P) for elementary.

Here we have college prep(cp),honors and advanced classes but in India we don't have any levels of classes. In our report cards, the grades for the semester exams only will be considered. They will not even look our test marks or homework scores. We have a lot of projects and assignments to do each week. We don't have a locker to keep our stuff. We have to carry all of our stuff every day. The schools in India are really good and the students are really smart and competitive. Everyone works to be better than the other. We always have a lot of competition between students. The teachers are very helpful and really good. Most days we have assemblies, where students meet together and share their ideas about a particular topic and discuss the coming events. We have prayer every morning and we sing our national anthem in the evening. Studying in India was a really great experience for me .I'm proud to say that I studied in India. I had to make a lot of changes when I moved here.There is really a big difference between the schools in India and in America. I fell lucky now to study in such a wonderful school in America!



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