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A.S. Watson Case

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Each day, millions of consumers around the world choose from 19 A.S. Watson retail brands to add quality and value to their lives. The desire to experience great value, convenient new services and brand new product offerings, day in and day out, has gone global and so too has A.S. Watson.

Over the years, our retail brands have become not only the preferred choice of consumers, but also the most trusted name in their markets. With over 9,300 stores worldwide, and still growing strong, A.S. Watson is a perfect global retail partner for suppliers allowing access to its ever growing consumer base.

ASW International Buying Division centralises and harmonises the buying practices of the Group's global retail operations. Categories of products sourced through International Buying include Branded Goods, Own Label, General Merchandise, Food and Electrical.

International Buying actively seeks out and promotes strategic partnership with suppliers. It places high priority in identifying real growth opportunities for suppliers, improving their sales performance and implementing effective and user-friendly supplier management practices.

At ASW, we value suppliers who share our goals of providing consumers with the best value-for-money products.

International OfferBase

The 'International OfferBase' is an advanced global online procurement management system that offers suppliers several advantages:

All our business units have access to the system; increasing the chances of multiple purchases and greater volume.

All procedures are standardised, resulting in less administration and better communications for buyers and suppliers.

The OfferBase is designed to work with General Merchandise, Electrical goods and Private Label items for the worldwide retail business units of A.S. Watson.



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