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Ab Lounge Case

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Okay so for my health product to critique I chose the Ab Lounge first advertised on T.V. by a guy named Tony Little. What sparked my interest in the Ab Lounge was that my friends mom has one and I've always enjoyed messing in it and I thought it was a unique piece of equipment for working out and very different from traditional crunches on the floor or a yoga mat.

The Ab Lounge is a chair like apparatus designed for doing crunches/ situps in. What most people like the Ab Lounge for is people complain about doing situps and such on the floor and they complain that it hurts their back, shoulders, etc, so the guy I mentioned earlier decided to endorse this device and it has become a very popular fitness buy with over four million units sold. But is it worth it? According to my sources the Ab Lounge is priced around 100 dollars to 225 dollars depending on the website you purchase from, so it's fairly expensive and might drive away the thrifty or the short on money buyers. Another con that most people said about the product is that its very large takes up a lot of space so you would need like a very big room or say a garage to put it in so you could work out, and they also complained on the fact that assembly of the product is very complex and difficult. Some of the reviews I saw on said that the machine makes a very annoying clicking noise when you perform the range of motion and it's not supposed to do that. It also has a weight limit of 275 lbs and short and tall users complained that they couldn't use it correctly based on the size of the chair and where you put your arms and legs to direct the chair. According to any form of ab workout that involves placing your hands above your head isn't as effective as a traditional crunch because it says that it doesn't allow for the forceful contraction of the muscle essential to breaking muscles down and letting them regrow bigger and stronger. Pros of the system according to some reviews on my first two sources and also say that the product supports you back and shoulders very well proving that it is in fact more comfortable than a traditional crunch but according the sciences listed in my other sources not as effective as the traditional crunch. Other pro's that I saw on the reviews are well there weren't any of real significance so the cons take the most notice when you read reviews. Like a few said the product is very cheap plasticy and doesn't last long, while another said he recommended it for beginners but after you get decent shape he said you would prefer traditional crunches because like my other sources said they are more effective.

Based on my three sources I would not buy this product. I really don't feel the need to invest over 100 dollars on a product that isn't going to last you that long and isn't as effective as a traditional crunch. I'm young and



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