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Abc Incorporated Case Study

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ABC, Incorporated Case Study


Carl Robins is the new campus recruiter for ABC, Incorporated. Carl's job consists of hiring and setting up orientation for new employees to ensure they are ready to begin work. Carl recently hired 15 new trainees to work for Monica Carrolls, ABC, Inc's Operations Supervisor. Carl is scheduling a new hire orientation take place June 15 so they may begin working in July. Because of Carl's lack of organization, the orientation for his new recruitment effort is not going as planned because of his lack of delegation. On May 15, Monica checked in with Carl to receive an update on the orientation, training schedule, manuals, policy booklets, drug tests, and physicals; Carl ensured Monica that the orientation will be ready. After Memorial Day, Carl was checking to make sure everything is set up for orientation; he found that some files were missing completed applications, transcripts were missing, and no one was sent to take a drug test. When he checked the orientation manuals, he found there were only three incomplete copies. Carl went to check on the training room for orientation; he found Joe from Tech Services setting up computers. Carl checked the scheduling log and found that Joe also reserved the room for the month of June for computer seminars for new software implementation.

Key Issues

Several problems arise that vary in degree of severity. First Carl realized that the new hire files are incomplete. Second, Carl has only three orientation manuals, which are incomplete. Third, no applicants have taken drug tests. Last, Joe from Tech Services is using the training room for the month of June. The most severe problem is the availability of the training room. Even though the applications and drug tests are incomplete, it is a problem easily remedied. If there is no training room available the orientation cannot move forward. The orientation manuals are also a key component to the success of the orientation. Even if the training room was available, the incomplete manuals will still hinder the orientation. Without the manuals, the trainees will not receive the proper training they need to ensure a good start within ABC, Incorporated. If the new hires are not receiving the proper training, ABC cannot expect a successful start. The lack of communication and preparedness between Carl and Monica is causing ABC, Incorporated to appear unprofessional, ill-prepared and not a promising company to work for.

Possible Alternatives

ABC, Incorporated would benefit from putting in place an orientation checklist with a timeline. With the checklist and timeline in place, Carl can easily delegate to Monica or another staff member. This also helps Carl manage the time it takes to set up an orientation as well as keeping track of the progress.



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