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Abducted Case

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It was one of those nights. I saw them coming for me, growing larger and larger with each step they took. I ran with all my might but the aliens caught me anyway. I screamed and struggled to be released from their grasp. Suddenly I remembered it was only a dream. I woke up with a start, and to my horrific surprise they were still there, smiling at my attempt to escape. "We've watched over you many nights Kayla, but now we have observed your magnificent, massive brain enough!"said one of the aliens. "Yes," another one said, "you have all of the components we need to continue our studies." I began to cry and screamed out, "Why me? There are millions of geniuses in the world but you choose me!! I'm just another ordinary girl!!" An alien, who I assumed was the leader of this project, stepped forward. "Geniuses overwork their brains, my dear. You on the other hand have all of the essential materials we need." "Will you let me live?" I questioned. "Yes, we will let you live. In fact, we'll even let you choose the three brain structures," he said. "Hmm, that sounds interesting," i said, "I'd like you to get my memory, my way of thinking, and my reflexes." "Alright then, we will do research on your hippocampus, your cerebral cortex, and your medulla," he said. "Well, let's go!" I said with a smile and with my imagination at work.

As we boarded the spacecraft, I gasped in amazement. I instantly knew that their technology was extremely advanced compared to ours. "So, how long is this trip?" I asked. "It's going to be a while," he responded." Well, in that case I have a few questions to ask," I stated. "Go right ahead," the leader said. "First of all could you please explain to me what my hippocampus, cerebral cortex, and medulla are? "Certainly. The hippocampus plays a very important role in memory, so without it you will not remember past events of your life." he said. "Wow," I said sadly, "without my hippocampus life would be really hard.I'd be lost all the time, and I wouldn't gain any knowledge. I dont think I could cope without it, because I would feel like an outcast. I wouldn't have any special memories, and I wouldnt have any friends. "True," he claimed,"however, you also wouldn't remember painful experiences in your past, so you'd have a very optimistic outlook on life." I laughed, "That's a nice way to put things in perspective, carry on." He continued,"Your cerebral cortex is responsible for the most complex mental functions, such as thinking and planning."I asked," So, basically I'd be a dummy without it?" He laughed aloud, "No, but you wouldn't be able to function. " I stated, "That would be even harder to cope with. I would



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