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Accounting Careers

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Essay Preview: Accounting Careers

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Jose Soto-Marrero

ACC100: Accounting 1

Prof. Ekaterina Kouprianova

Week 8 Assignment 1: Careers in Accounting

March 2, 2015

        There are several career opportunities for a person to obtain when pursuing an accounting education. In today’s society, most companies require either an abundant experience in a professional work environment or a bachelor’s degree in a relatable field of study. This request however is not just towards an accounting career position but many others as well; such as managerial, business, information technology, engineering, etc. Examples of a career position in accounting a person can obtain are financial managers and management analysts. Both positions were pulled from the Bureau of Labor Statistics- Occupational Outlook Handbook site page as referenced below.

        The researched accounting position, as above, is selected to be a financial manager. In addition to the required bachelor’s degree and work experience, a person must also have certain skills, certifications and licenses to perform their duties to a full extent. Being a manager also means to proficient in managing others (i.e. supervisor) while simultaneously completing their tasks as well. A financial manager is also responsible for financial statements and reports, managing the finance department, review details in regards to the financial documents and verify they meet legal requirements. Others might also include evaluating the financial growth opportunities for the company and provide support to upper management in decision making. By hiring the correct financial manager, a company can strive based on the tasks and documents being accurately completed. All career positions require some type of previous knowledge such as application use or accounting tasks, even to train others in the department. This type of skills are what most companies look for when searching for position applicants, one’s who already possess the required (“A Must”) skills prior to the job hiring. If the company hires a person to then train said person in multiple training sessions, the business will be losing money rather than gaining.

        In conclusion, I have listed management analysts and financials managers as examples a person can obtain with an accounting education. Also, the researched accounting position is financial managers likewise. Most companies require applicants to already possess their four-year degree and with the necessary skills, this will allow the company to be more financially successful by hiring these individuals.


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