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Activity and Nutrition

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In this world, people are more and more to focus on how to maintain a healthy body. The activity and nutrition is important to this purpose. Therefore, this essay will explain what activity and nutrition are necessary to maintain a healthy bade.

In terms of activity, there are some information about how do exercise to maintain a healthy body. First of all, how much exercise is necessary? The answer is that do exercise vigorously 20 to 30 minutes three times a week (Phillips 2004). The vigorous exercise is not necessary (Phillips 2004). Not too much or too less exercise. Secondly, what is the best exercise program for a person? There is now answer for this question. According to what we will enjoy doing, we need to choose the suitable activity for self. Start the exercise with small and build up. Thinking about the best time that you can do exercise as well. Then, avoid short bursts of irregular attendance. Thirdly, we need to increase physical activity burns fuel-burns fat. The best time is at least 30 minutes every day. In short, these ways are very effective to maintain a healthy body.

On the other hand that nutrition, we need to pay attention to the food. There are several nutrition to be necessary to maintain a healthy body. Firstly, eat smart. Do not eat too much fuel in your body and eat more green, yellow and orange vegetable. Because these foods which have the low calorie (National Healthy and Medical Research Council 2008). The second thing is those refuse alcohol and sugar drink. Such as sugary soft drinks, fruit drinks and cordials. They are easy to overconsume kilojoules. And alcoholic drinks can increase appetite. These drinks have another name that empty kilojoules. The best way is drink water. The last thing is that choose foods with care. Keep your foods diversely supply. Each food has a unique group of nutrition and often something special to offer. We cannot just eat one food every day. However, a food may be not suitable everyone. For example, the baby can drink the milk every, but the adult cannot do it. so we need to choose suitable food for self. In brief, the nutrition is necessary to maintain a healthy body.

All in all, we can see clearly that activity and nutrition are required to keep people healthy. We need to do exercise every day and choose the best program for self. We need to eat diversely food, little fuel in body and no alcohol and sugar drink. If we want to maintain a healthy body, we need to do a lot of things.



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