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Adjectives Case

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The two paragraphs I have chosen to write about are four and five; because they have the same relationship dealing with money. The most effective paragraph to me is paragraph four, it gives sufficient data of the payment history of people credit score, it also explains how important and vital it is to have a good credit score and what are the consequences of not paying your bills and how it may affect your credit report whereas paragraph five talked about managing and avoiding debt is very hard once your debt are paid something is bound to happen again that may put you in more debt because you weren't expecting it and the using credit card as a last option because there are consequences of paying back later.

I was rather impressed how quick the response came back from the WritePoint. In a matter of five minutes the response came back quickly with the necessary correction that I needed to make, for example; this sentence said, "the most effective paragraph to me is for because, it said there should not have been a comma after because, WritePoint stated the word is not a connective verb and my second example; I had the word; "where as" the word should be joined and not separated.

I honestly thought it was difficult using the CWE WritePoint exercise and it made no sense to turn in your material at all. After submitting the exercise for the first time I was really impressed how quick it came back. I would recommend that anytime you have to submit a paper use the Write Point and you will get the feedback correction that needs to be made, which will make your writing skills better in the future. The instructions were rather easy turning in the submission. I first click to the CWE and then click on submit the paper, type in the name of the paper, check WritePoint and submitted the paper and in a matter of minutes the result came back to make the necessary connections.



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