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Administrative Assistant

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Beowulf Essay

The poem Beowulf has many characteristics of an epic hero. He shows braveness and he shows greatness. Beowulf is an elite warrior who also signifies the true definition of determination.

Beowulf is a brave warrior whose actions reflect it. Bravery is my first character trait of an epic hero. One example of this is shown in lines 115-116 when he heard of the terror being developed across the sea, "would sail across the sea to Hrothgar, now when help was needed." Only a brave warrior would leave his land to go to another one across the sea and fight off an enemy. A second example of bravery is created in lines 165-166 as well, "That I, alone and with the help of my men, may purge all evil from this hall." This shows bravery because he puts his men's lives as well as his own life in danger by taking on the challenge of protecting the land of the Danes. Bravery is only one part/characteristic of being an epic hero.

Another characteristic of an epic hero is greatness. Beowulf shows greatness in line 109-11 "Beowulf, Higlac's follower and the strongest of the Geats- greater and stronger than anyone anywhere in the world." I believe this exemplifies greatness because he is well known around the seas and people refer to him as a great/the greatest warrior on the face of this earth. Another way greatness is used towards Beowulf is in line 224, "Let us toast your victories, and talk of the future." This is a display of greatness because they are talking about having a toast to his many victories. Greatness is another epic hero trait because in order to be a hero, you must to do great things in life.

Beowulf has many epic hero characteristics but bravery and greatness are the main ones I have noticed. To be brave is an excellent trait to have. My reasoning is because if you have the heart, you will conquer anything you set your mind to. Greatness separates the good from the best. If you are considered great, then you have made a bold statement. Beowulf is a great epic hero because he has the win and work ethic to do the unexpected.



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