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Ads Case

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Our ads will be placed in various locations. There will be prints in magazines, as well as newspapers. There will be ads put up at bus shelters, and then there will be posters up in the store. Also in-store, we will have ads printed on the paper cups that drinks come in.

As we are targeting an audience that is both male and female between the ages of 18 and 30, these ads will be effective for many reasons.

Our target audience is most likely to catch the bus to school/work every day, and so our ads will be viewed as they await their transportation. Commuters on the train and such in the city pick up newspapers and magazines for their leisure as they head to their destination, therefore they will see our ads. Then finally, our in-store ads will be most effective because consumers will already be in our store, and as they wait in line for their coffee, our ads will be something that they will never miss out. When they finally obtain their coffee, they will be attracted by the interesting ads printed on the cup, which offers them an option of writing postcards to who they care about while enjoying their coffee.


Our estimation of our budget is $200k, which will be distributed to all media types. Bus shelter ads take up the largest proportion, which is 30% of our budget. Both magazine and newspaper account for 20% each. In addition, in-store ads consisting of posters and printed cups will each consume 15%, totaling up our entire budget.



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