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Advanced Entreprenuership

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Advanced Entreprenuership

Being an innovator can be very profitable if the product is something that people will go crazy over. Just as a reminder in order to be an innovator it is necessary to understand the term innovation. Innovation is defined as "the process by which an idea or invention is translated into a good or service for which people will pay or something that results for this process" (Unknown, 2011). Knowing the definition of innovation it is better understood the definition of innovator which is "someone who helps to open up a new line of research or technology or art" (Unknown, 2011). There is now a complete understanding of innovation and innovator. The product that was chosen for this paper is iTunes and will discuss numerous topics on the innovation of this great service.

ITunes is a service that was introduced by Apple, Steve Jobs, about the time that the Napster lawsuit was occurring. Steve decided that music downloads were going to be the wave of the future. At that point Steve decided to purchase the SoundJam MP App and began to tear it down and revamp it into what we all know now as iTunes. The introduction and development of iTunes was innovative for numerous factors. If you date back to cassette tapes and CD's a consumer would have to purchase an entire album in order to get one or two songs that they liked of which piled up and took up an enormous amount of space as well as having a lot of issues with damage to the products themselves. The iTunes market was untapped and would allow a consumer to purchase the music that they wanted without the hassle of worrying about damage as well as being able to purchase what they wanted without the music that didn't want. It would also allow the consumer to store the music on their computer and hold those songs in their library with no worries of damage as they did with the previous forms of music products.

ITunes was introduced into the market as the service that could provide music to the consumer via purchase for .99 per song. After much work upon its original purchase during 2000 the site was released and ready to go in 2001. Initially the site only downloaded 275,000 in the first week of operation which did not seem to be that much in comparison to the amounts that are downloaded today. Apple also allowed the iTunes app to be downloaded for free of which caught the attention of the music consumer. "Apple cut down the competition at the pass or at least put a good scare in them. Apple has done what Apple does best make complex applications easy and make them even more powerful in the process" (Simon, 2009). Steve Jobs innovative idea has taken Apple to the top of the music download industry into the billions for music downloads. Using intrapreneurship by Steve Jobs has made iTunes what it is today. Apple was already a well established company and had the capital to back their innovative idea. Having the capital to back the idea is half the battle. Steve Jobs was able to take his idea and turn it into a beautiful reality for Apple and the music crazed consumer.

There are many opinions on the service that Apple provides.



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