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Advantages of Big Brother Program

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Harley Davidson

In 1905 the first Harley bike was built in a 10 by 15 shed in Milwaukee Wisconsin. Since then Harley has boosted their empire tremendously to earn a worldwide household name. Harley Davidson is the Cadillac of motorcycles they provide bikes in variety of sizes and shapes depending on the rider. Harley Davidson treats all customers with respect and like family, each staff is trained to suit all customer needs. Employees are enrolled in a 30-day course to make sure they have all the successful tools and attitude, needed to make the business run effectively. Harley Davidson uses a market approach called Successful selling, meaning every customer is greeted and heard to better their needs. Every customer is listened to by each employee to ensure their interest is able to be suited by the store to better serve the customer in the long-term. Customers appreciate being treated like a friend instead of being an everyday consumer. Hal's uses a follow-up method to keep up with customers who purchased a bike by calling them, sending out bulletins or even having lunch at the shop. Hal's has created an environment that is very personal and well organized to meet the expectations of each consumer that walks through the door. With this type of atmosphere customers will come from all over the world just to visit Hal's to feel the customer experience which the employees at Hal's has to offer.



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