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Air Force Rotc Program

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Throughout the week I have researched five colleges that I found most interesting to me. The three colleges I chose to do this project on are the University of Pittsburgh, Rutgers New Brunswick, and North Carolina State University. All of these colleges are well known and in my immediate area. I have already sent out applications to two of these colleges.

I believe that the University of Pittsburgh would be a good choice for me for college for numerous reasons. The first reason I have been looking at this college is that they have an outstanding Air Force ROTC program. ROTC stands for Reserve Officers Training Corps, which is a college based program where young men and women can become officers for a certain branch of the military with the proper training. After being in this program for 4 years I will be promoted to officer rank and enjoy the benefits of my hard work. This college is also very close to where I live, but I believe it is far enough away to get the full college experience. This college has a long living reputation for having a very strong technology academic system. I would like to major in military technology or criminal justice while being enlisted in the ROTC program, so I can later join the Drug Enforcement Association.

The second School I was interested in was Rutgers New Brunswick, which also has a well known Air Force ROTC program which I will surely join. This ROTC program will pay for all four years of my college. This program will also prepare me for the adventures and challenges that lie ahead of me. Rutgers is a very well rounded school with a wide variety of classes to choose from. With 4,000 courses to choose from I am sure I will find one that best suits my professional ideas. One thing about this college that really caught my attention is the size and how spread out the school is. I would have to walk blocks upon blocks to get to my classes which I find amusing. One more thing that attracted my attention from this school was the Admission requirements are a 4.12 GPA which I will easily accumulate.

The third school is North Carolina State University. This college has caught most of my attention because it enrolls ROTC candidates for the Air Force and Army. Both of these programs are contained in the college, where I will not need to travel off campus to obtain my training. This university is surrounded by a small city, which would resemble my living place. I would most likely feel more comfortable in a small city environment than living in an enormous city with thousands of citizens. NC State University has the Admission requirements of 4.10 which I'm already on my way to achieving. I favor this school over all the others for those several reasons. I believe this school will be the most enjoyable for me because it is a very well founded college based on average standards. I believe I will fit in this college the most out of the three because their ROTC program is on a grand scale,



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