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Russia Is Very Big

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Big: Russia is very big, which makes everything more difficult. Because of its size it was hard to communicate with almost anyone, which made fighting in the war even more difficult. Everyone in Russia had different religious and political points of views, which made it hard to ever come to an agreement on anything. Also, it was added more land to cover would weaken and even kill soldiers on their journey to one spot to another. Supplies were hard to get to the soldiers because of how long it took to deliver them. Overall, Russia's size was a significant reason for the war.

Push for Change: Everyone wanted something out of the War. Peasants wanted land of their own, many wanted peace and a secure eastern front, they wanted new leaders, new laws, and much more. Russia was pushing to have the difference they needed.

Backwards: In Russia, everything seemed to be backwards. It was a huge land mass with many people but their supplies of weapons and technology were not as advanced as other armies were. Although the Russian Army was the largest army in the world, Russia had poorly made roads and railways.

Weak: Russia's soldiers and overall army were weak. They did not have the supplies they needed in order to fight the war and because of that, more and more of the soldiers were killed and injured, making it incredibly hard to fight when not only less soldiers were able to fight, but also the weapons were not up to date like they needed to be.

Disunited: Russia didn't stay as one strong army, but yet, split apart for various reasons. They became disunited and strung apart and fought against each other. Because they were disunited, it made it all the more hard to fight. They just added more problems to their situation already at hand.



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