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Advantages of Tidal Power Systems

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Essay Preview: Advantages of Tidal Power Systems

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  1. Rim Turbines

In this Generators is not connected directly to turbine rather a shaft is used to connect turbine and generator.But pumping of water through it is harder and also to regulate power production is difficult.The generator is not with a turbine. Therefore, its maintenance is easy.Rim turbine is used at Annapolis Royal in Nova Scotia.[pic 1]

  1.  Kaplan Turbines- It inward flows propeller type reaction turbine.It is used in places where high flow and low head(liquid pressure value concerning datum) is available. Wave Dragon is the first project where Kaplan Turbine is using fo Tidal Energy Production.

# Advantages of Tidal Power Systems

Tidal Power Generation System is a renewable source of energy. It is clean energy with zero CO2 emissions also there is no emmision of harmful gases. It create no waste product

1. The advantage of Barrage (Conventional Power Plant)-

a.The low operation and maintenance cost and its high availability, with a high number of generator turbine groups.

 b. It is long working plant with high reliability.

c. High production plants.

d.It can provide flood control.

2. Advantages of Tidal Stream Power Plants

These are very cheap to Implement because it can assemble and disassemble in parts and whole power plant is movable.

  1. It can fit in the existing structure like bridges or docks don’t require formation of any special structure like in barrages.
  2. It has less environmental effect as compare to barrages.
  1. Advantage of Tidal Lagoons-
  1. High Power generation, design is proven.
  2. Less environmental impact as compare to barrage, maintenance is low.
  3. Advantage of Dynamic Tidal Power Plant-
  1. Advantage of Dynamic Tidal Power Plant-
  1. These systems are stables means can generate electricity no matter in which direction tides are flowing.
  2. It requires one-time installation and very less maintenance.
  3. Wind farms can be established over the dams which can make it more cost effective.

Disadvanatge of Tidal power Plants

The underwater machineries create noise which affect the marine life. Many species die because they strike the turbine blades and this problem has no solution yet. Many companies are claiming that they are creating fish friendly turbines but practically these  turbines do not serve the purpose of not harming fishes. Frankly speaking there are very few who care about marine life or any natural habitat other only want energy generation because this will only make them rich nation.

  1. Disadvantage of Tidal Barrage
  1. Construction of Barrage at Estuary and Bay is challenging and expensive as compare building Dams(Barrage) at river.
  2. Bays and estuaries are very special kind of ecosystem many species Breed there  constructing barrages effect there life a lot and may lead to extinction of some type of species.
  3. Barrages decrease the amount of water exchange which further increases the salinity of water and effect the life many species as they are habitual to particular salinity level.
  1. Disadvantages of Tidal Stream Power Plants
  1. Mostly it cannot produce as much electricity as a barrage.
  2. The turbines used for tidal stream energy conversion must be installed offshore and underwater. Consequently, high operation and maintenance cost cannot be avoided.
  3. Affect  a lot to  migratory sea species because of underwater blades, cables, and anchorages.
  4. Turbine are very expensive.
  5. There should be some regulation for establishment of these type of tidal power plants otherwise availability of energy using these type of plant is so much that in future establishment of many plants can cause a serious environmental issue.
  1. Disadvantage of Dynamic Tidal Power Plants-
  1. It is theoretical concept till now, so it may have many disadvantages in term of cost and ecological impact, but it will less ecological impact as compare to barrage and it will more efficient than other plants.
  2. Creating a 30 Km dam in ocean is challenging Job and may cost Billions of Dollars.
  3. As the length of Dam will be large without any gap therefore it will affect the marine species which migrate.  

# Future of Tidal Energy System-

  1. For operation of turbines tide must be 4.5-meter-high but for efficient operation it should vary between 7 to 12.5 meter, not every coastal area experience this much high tides so scope of Tidal Electricity generation is limited to some countries.
  2.  According to World energy council countries are revisiting idea of establishment of tidal power plants because cost required to establish the Tidal power plants is too high.
  3. Particularly talking about India it has potential of The Gulf of Kutch and Gulf of Khambhat in Gujrat In west coast have maximum Tide range of 8m and 11m respectively. In Ganges Delta in Sundarbans have maximum Tides of about 5m.  India has capacity of producing 8000 MW of energy out of which 6700 in Gulf of Khambhat, 1200 in Gulf of Kutch and 100 MW in Sundarbans. Government of Gujrat already started a Project to setup Tidal Power Plant in Gulf of Kutch in 2012.





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