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Adversity Case

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I have encountered a tremendous amount of adversity in my life but with countless leadership learning experiences, I have been able to turn that adversity into opportunity. I believe that my god planted a promise in me, and that is why I have been placed in the situation I am in today. When I was three years of age I was diagnosed with an extremely rare birth defect directly related to cerebral palsy called schizencephaly. The doctors pronounced that I would be a vegetable laying in bed. Though I have had many obstacles come in my direction, I am able to be the person I am today.

I wake up every day thinking in my mind, "I want to get to where I belong. Since I was a little boy, I have always wanted to be a Seminole. I do my best to mold myself into a determined, courageous, loving, and caring person like my lifetime role model Bobby Bowden. Me and Bobby share the same values in faith, morals, and priorities. I always have been deeply involved in my church, serving the community. I would do any good thing, my God told me to do. Staying with the correct order of priorities in my life is mandatory, because I serve my life to Jesus Christ my lord and savior.

Education has always been near the top of my priority list. I strive to make the honor roll every school year. With Jesus beside me I have accepted many leadership roles in my school, and my community. Since I am unable to play football, I have accepted the managing position for my high school team. I am there for my fellow teammates every practice and game. Sometimes I give motivational speeches before the games to inspire them to be the best they can be. I am also in leadership class at my high school, where we prepare for pep rallies, lunchtime interactions, homecoming parades, and special spirited activities. That's only the beginning of my leadership roles at my high school; I am currently in yearbook, National Honor Society, and French club. If it is possible, I will accept any leadership roles in my community to serve it and my God. At Florida State I plan to be a leader with everything I do. I plan to be intern with the football team, and follow my dreams. I want to make an enormous positive difference with the team, and carry that to the Florida State community. I will help the team with whatever they want me to assist with including motivational speeches, team unity, and personal life advisory. I will get my MBA and Masters in Sports management, while serving as an intern. Although the facts doubt me, I believe I will be able to walk one day on Bobby Bowden Field as a graduate with honor roll recognition and look upon as a pillar in the Florida State history because of my everlasting determination to achieve my goals.



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