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Ala Case

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It has a 'war chest' of $22 billion according to Adam Ostrow, Oct 15, 2009. HUGE ASSET BASE AND CASH

* It is considered to be among the top 10 brands in the U.S. BRAND POWER

* It gets reputation by its popularity which proceeds by its word of mouth publicity, so it doesn't need to put much effort in marketing its search engine. MINIMUM ADVERTISEMENTS and PUBLICITY, (INTERNET MKTING IS CHEAP)

* It offers many products and services i-e; Desktop products, Mobile products, Web products, Hardware products. OVERWHELMING PRODUCT RANGE

* It has a low operation cost regarding its products and services.

* SPECIALISTS for enhancing the search engine algorithms which will render the search faster, relevant and more efficient.

* MULTICULTURE - interface to 88 languages

* It specializes in marking the results in differential scale i-e it separates the sponsored links from the regular links that are provided.

* It provides services such as Groups, Email, News, Directory etc.

* It has come-up with ideas regarding solutions to wireless hand-held devices, personalized toolbars, and indexes.


* It is dependent mostly on its search based advertising.

* There is the risk of facing dead ends for the users, who find the citation but not the whole text.

* It has lack of focus regarding the service of search engine.[linkunit]

* Spammers usually take advantage of google's ranking technology bycreating sites that contain a lot of links by which they end up getting higher ranks.

* Its link-based ranking tech. mostly didn't work on actual traffic analysis.

* Its cost-per-click advertising charge & ranking policy makes it difficult for the clients to predict the positioning of their ads and their costing as per se.

* Its contextual advertising is considered less effective regarding sales generation, and the algorithms behind the search are erroneous.

* Its localized search also results in errors at times.

* It is the top player regarding the search engines yet it answers search queries with 50 to 60% accuracy.

* Its inability regardi

* It has weak presence regarding the social-networking space.

* The products and services integration is quite heterogeneous.

* It does not hold any strategy for contraction.

* The cost for the data-center



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